Take Action Now to Align Your Startup’s Positioning for Post-Corona Days

We are witnessing a dramatic restructure of the business and social order in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. “It is increasingly clear our era will be defined by a fundamental schism: the period before COVID-19 and the new normal that will emerge in the post-viral era: the ‘next normal’”, says a recent report by McKinsey & Co.

The next normal is here. It’s not only Travel, Healthcare, Education and the Retail industries. We are seeing the shift across the board for technology products and companies – cybersecurity, AI applications, and Cloud infrastructure and services.

Business and cultural changes that have been established during the COVID-19 pandemic will remain. This presents opportunities for companies that will adapt and realize how to manage the consequences and the effects on the markets.

How can startups seize this opportunity and quickly make the transition? By having an actionable roadmap that realigns their positioning.

Forabilis is offering startups “THE NEXT NORMAL WORKSHOP” , with the goal of enabling startups to define alternative GTM strategies aligned with various market change scenarios.

What you will get out of the workshop:

  • How Your Market Has Already Shifted
    Reevaluation of the market you’re operating in
  • Possible Scenarios for Long-Term Effects
    Formulating alternatives for how your market will shift
  • GTM Strategies for Each Scenario
    Go-To-Market plans to accommodate the market shift

To schedule a workshop click here, or drop us an email at info@forabilis.com