The Forabilis Story

Forabilis means “the ability to move things forward”. In our ever- changing business world, this ability becomes much more difficult. Why? Because today, many businesses struggle to gain their market share in a crowded and tough business environment. The number of marketing and business tools is endless and confusing. Picking the wrong business or marketing strategy and tools is at best costly, but at worst, it can cost you your business.

Those who succeed are companies and organizations that know how to scale in the global market. In the past, you could afford to be local. Today, you need to be able to use the right strategies and tools, speak the market’s “language”, and work with the right people to reach a wider market and be successful.

The notion that a company like Forabilis can support companies in their global growth came out of our experience. We wear different hats – the business and sales guy cowboy hat, and the marketing gal’s beret. The cowboy hat and the beret are both crucial to any organization’s success, but they don’t always play nicely together. If it’s a small organization, you usually have one person in charge of both, and since these two hats require different attentions, that person is mostly torn in between. If it’s a bigger organization, there’s the issue of sales-marketing misalignment, with these two domains struggling and not collaborating enough to be successful.

And so we met, a business guy and a marketing gal, and discovered that if we listen closely to one another, we produce the best business results. We met when marketing gall needed some business help at a startup where she was a founder, and brought business guy to support her. Later the roles reversed, and business guy brought marketing gal to another venture, using her expertise in product marketing. This successful collaboration resulted in a business shift and a remarkable product. Forabilis was born.

We share the same attitude: we are both experienced strategists, each in our field, but we both like to get our hands dirty and do the work. We surround ourselves with great partners all around the world that help us deliver the best results for our clients. We combine high-level thinking with doing, and we pride ourselves by the quality of our deliverables and our results. And we love what we do.
2013 is the year of Forabilis. If you have questions, comments, advice, or would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you.