Marketing And Sales Performance: Are You On The Right Track?

Often we encounter organizations, especially on the SMB side, having a hard time with the term “marketing-sales alignment”. Sometimes they see marketing as an after-thought, not focusing on marketing as an integral part of the sales cycle. We think marketing-sales alignment is top priority for any organization that is interested in improving its bottom line.

For this reason, we created the Forabilis Sales effectiveness Assessment. Forabilis Sales Effectiveness Assessment goal is to help organizations evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and sales operations and their ability to meet revenue goals.

Forabilis Sales Effectiveness Assessment is based on L2RM methodology established by Forrester Research and on Aberdeen Group Consulting Research on Sales Enablement Effectiveness.

A short assessment process helps you realize how you stand as far as your sales performance compared to industry benchmarks, and where you can do better. Based on your results, we identify specific areas of improvements within your marketing and sales efforts. We make recommendations that impact your bottom line.

How does the Sales Effectiveness Assessment works?

Step 1: Assessment Questionnaire

We have you fill in a short assessment questionnaire that examines marketing and sales area related to your different products or services.

Step 2: Sales Performance Calculator

Using our proprietary sales performance calculator, we establish your sales effectiveness report through different parameters.

Step 3: Sales Effectiveness Analysis and Recommendations

We set up a feedback meeting with decision makers in you organization in which we answer the following questions, and more:

  • Does your organization produce the right amount of sales opportunities?
  • What is the quality of sales leads and how to improve it?
  • How effective is your sales team in terms of opportunity to deal performance?
  • What should be the size of your sales team?
  • How to setup revenue goals to the sales team? Is your overall budget is reasonable?

As Lori Wizdo, Forrester Analyst, said: “It is critical to learn how to create a way to take a single lead through a process that is optimized to convert and help increase the buyer’s engagement through a managed process. Then, repeat that process hundreds and thousands of times.” As marketers, we need to realize that our goal throughout the process is not leads, or leads conversion. It is sales.

Applying this managed process and optimizing it takes time. Understanding where you are and how you can do better – takes very little time. Contact us for more information on the Forabilis Sales Effectiveness Assessment.