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How to create a killer sales presentation for B2B tech products

Developing a good sales presentation to sell B2B tech products is one of the most difficult challenges for a content marketer. Sales and marketing see things differently, and a sales presentation is the place where the sales-marketing misalignment is most commonly taking place. If a marketer is successful in developing a sales presentation that the […]

Marketing and sales performance: Are you on the right track?

Often we encounter organizations, especially on the SMB side, having a hard time with the term “marketing-sales alignment”. Sometimes they see marketing as an after-thought, not focusing on marketing as an integral part of the sales cycle. We think marketing-sales alignment is top priority for any organization that is interested in improving its bottom line. […]

Marketing and Sales Misalignment: 3 principles for effective change

In an interview earlier this year, Lori Wizdo , a B2B marketing analyst at Forrester Research, claimed that in large global companies, only 5 to 15 percent of the sales pipeline comes from marketing. On average, Wizdo claims, the number is around 50 percent. Sales and marketing misalignment is not a new topic. What’s changed […]

Product-market fit: 5 tips to get there faster

Product-market fit is that elusive term that refers to a point in a start-up life when there’s a product that is at the least sell-able, and ideally a “must have” for its market. You must reach product-market fit before you can scale. It’s at that point, when you know if your product has a future. […]

Scale or Die

You have no choice: it’s either scale or die. Charles Baden-Fuller and Ian MacMillan wrote skillfully on the matter in the Harvard Business Review: “Many ventures fail to capitalize on successful prototypes because they make one strategic error: they do not understand scale-up. And failing to scale swiftly can be the difference between life and […]