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Go-To-Market Strategy –
The ‘DOs,’ the ‘DON’Ts,’ and the ‘HOWs’

* This article summarizes the Forabilis meetup “WTF is Go-To-Market?” held on Wednesday, March 7th, in Tel-Aviv. Always a good idea to start with a story Up until 1988, Nespresso (i.e., Nestle) were coffee-machine manufacturers. It wasn’t until a young guy named Yannick Lang joined the team that they started aiming for an entirely different […]

Why Branding Is Worthless Without Positioning

“The rebranding Itch” It usually happens before a significant company milestone or event – an important conference, a new product launch, a merger. It’s called “the rebranding itch”. Someone, usually an executive, scratches his or her head and decides it’s time for rebranding. We know it because it is at this point that we at Forabilis […]

Ensuring trade shows ROI : 7 rules to live by

Trade shows and conferences season is right around the corner. Summer is the time for decision making and quickly start with the very rigorous process of preparing everything that you need to ensure this substantial investment in time and budget materializes into real results. Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning […]

How to create email content that engages and drives to action

In 2013, marketers sent over 838 billion emails, according to Forrester Research . However, the average click-through rate for B2B marketing emails in Q2 2013 was 1.7%. Emails are the most common form of content marketing. In the typical lead nurture process, emails play a crucial role. Because we send so many of them, we […]

5 Tips for your webinar’s content marketing

According to the Content marketing Institute, 61% of B2B marketers rate Webinars as the most effective content marketing tactic. Webinars not only position you as a thought leader, they are also highly effective for generating new leads as well as a playing part in your lead nurture funnel. But Webinars are not easy to do. […]

Product-Market Fit: The validation stage

This presentation is from a talk Natan and I gave to start-ups at a Grant Thornton event last week. This presentation focuses on the crucial point in every start-up’s journey where the goal is to validate product-market fit. This is an essential part of every start-up’s Go-To-Market strategy, and without completing this process a start-up […]

The magic of low-touch sales

The concept of a low-touch sales approach is not new, it’s been around for years. David Skok named it a few years back “the touchless conversion sales model” – a most accurate name. However, in the past year, this concept seems to have some sort of a revival. We meet entrepreneurs and startups on a […]

When to Pivot

In the search for product-market fit, for a repeatable and scalable business model, for traction, start-ups need to be open to the option of a complete detour. Call it Plan B turning to be Plan A; Pivot; or a significant shift. Sometimes it is the only way. Take Instagram, for example. Before Instagram launched in […]

The Road to Round A: part 3 of 3

* This blog post is based on Natan Chosnek’s presentation at the Alternative Finance Conference on March 4, 2013. In the first two parts of “The road to Round A” we talked about the difficulties in transitioning from the pre-seed period in a start-up life, i.e., “the age of innocence”, to post-seed and preparing for […]

The Road to Round A: Part 2 of 3

* This blog post is based on Natan Chosnek’s presentation at the Alternative Finance Conference on March 4, 2013.   So, you raised seed funding. You should be much happier now, only you’re not. You have more demands to manage. You have new goals. You have staff. You have investors, and they don’t act like […]

The Road to Round A: Part 1 of 3

* This blog post is based on Natan Chosnek’s presentation at the Alternative Finance Conference on March 4, 2013.   So you’ve decided to make your dream reality. Some will say you are merely a dreamer – but I will say that you are totally awake. You are, however, in the age of innocence. You […]